Launch of Scheduler

Meeting Scheduler

Middle Cargo Meet has a special in-house software - the Face2Face Scheduler, that facilitates pre-scheduling of face-to-face meetings between potential and existing business partners.

Middle Cargo Meet Scheduler site will be available on January 2, 2017 2:00 pm (GMT+8). Delegates will be informed of their usernames and passwords on official announcement opening the scheduler site.

This Internet-based program allows conference attendees to access their itinerary anywhere and schedule meetings at specific timeslots without having to contact the other participants to check their availability.

Behind the simple interface lies a powerful technology, which is fully secured and reliable. Each participant has his own account on the scheduler that enables him to set meetings.

The program allows attendees to view their schedules alongside the schedules of those they would like to have a meeting with, making it possible to easily identify a common free timeslot. An advanced search function ensures that the participants can easily locate companies of interest to them. Most importantly, the program is designed to avoid double booking and conflicting schedules.

The system automatically sends email notifications, to both the requesting party and invitee, when a meeting has been set, changed and cancelled.

COUNTRY Preferred Not Preferred
Hong Kong
South Africa

  Access your Itinerary anywhere

  Filter delegates list according countries

  Filter countries you do not want to meet

  Time saving and efficient

 SPECIALIZATIONS Preferred Not Preferred
Customs Broker
Dangerous Goods Management
Exhibition Logistics
Households Removals
Live Animals
Project Forwarding
Time Critical
Wholesale Forwarding

  Meet specialize agents

  Filter according to interested specialties

  Pre-schedule meetings with all delegates

  Arrange meetings only with the right partners!

Middle Cargo Meet 2017 - Middle Eastern International Forwarders Meeting
January 16 - 19, 2017 | Sheraton Jumeirah
Dubai, United Arab Emirates